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hyperreal film club presents: THE DEVIL

  • Museum of Human Achivement Austin (map)

the hyperreal film club
museum of human achievement

Directed by Andrzej Żuławski

7pm – doors
8pm – "True Will" w/ director Jim Hickcox
815pm – The Devil

Libations provided by our lovely friends at Strange Land Brewery and Texas Saké Co

Suggested $5 donation at the door
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Screenings every Tuesday June - August


“The director’s second film was his first to be banned in Poland, an experience that led him to France for some future endeavors. “The Devil” wraps an allegory for Poland’s 1968 political crisis in the story of Prussian invasion of Poland during the 1790s, but officials saw right through any attempt to bury the lede. Indeed, “The Devil” must be the director’s most overt political statement. Yet Zulawski, not being content to explore just one idea, also layers in his concerns about family, love, and responsibility. 

The film opens as dissident Jakub (Leszek Teleszynski) is freed from prison by a mysterious figure (Wiktor Sadecki) who guides Jakub on a tour to visit the now-dissolute remnants of his family. Jakub’s former fiancé has given him up for a rich political shapeshifter, and that’s only the first in a string of increasingly devastating encounters with his mother, father, and sister, all engineered by the strange man who, like a perverted Virgil to Jakub’s Dante, guides him through a personal hell. Soon, young Jakub begins to snap and great violence ensues. 

The director’s roving camera and his pattern of setting the most abstract concepts in very practical locations, both factors in his debut, are put to great use as Zulawski roves the countryside with the strange duo and their captive nun.”

take a look:


About "True Will":
"Several twenty-somethings head out into the woods to drink, smoke, and make out unaware that one of them is ready to push as far as it takes to discover their true will."

Jim Hickcox loves watching trash films, making trash films, and apologizing to people who watch his trash films.


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