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hyperreal film club presents: the beast pageant

  • Co-Lab Projects 721 Congress Avenue Austin, TX, 78701 United States (map)

the hyperreal film club
DEMO Gallery

Directed by Albert Birney and Jon Moses

Doors and listening party/music premiere for New Youth at 8pm
9pm "Pregnancy Party" with director M. Burger
910pm The Beast Pageant

Admission is free (donations accepted to help hfc cover drinks) 
Entry door locked once screening begins so please be on time


Sometimes the weird is in the subtle, the intricacies of back-alley human behavior and minutely sculpted tragedy. Sometimes it's in a tiny singing cowboy chest-bursting and guiding you through a phantasmagorical landscape of dancing pine beasts and apple pies. This is an instance of the latter.

Take a look:


About the short film:

A few weeks before Wendy Davis stood in front of the Texas Congress to defend women's health, director M. Burger was getting her first abortion at 22. Two years later, she gathers with her friend to make a short documentary about taking a pregnancy test in Texas.

Previously seen in A Sordid Valentine by Lucky Dark Press, a regular contributor to Mad Shade Zine, and recent performer in Bedpost Confessions, M. Burger is an up-and-coming writer/director/storyteller in Austin, TX.


Hyperreal film club is an eternal time and place for new friends, old friends, freaks, geeks, enemies, lovers and ghosts to come watch some neat flicks. The ongoing series visits a set of cinematic tongues unique to individual films and the tangled relationships we form with these living images in the sacred hour+ span. From delight to disgust, abjection to adoration, there are powerful vibes radiating all around.