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Join us each Tuesday as we explore the far reaches of weird, beautiful, and forgotten cinema from a host of diverse filmmakers. 

Alongside each night's film, all screenings feature some combination of short films by local filmmakers, sets by local musicians or visual artists, director visits, or other interactive installations. Screening info here.

Suggested donation at the door each night will be $5, OR save a buck and buy a bundle!
$15 gets you a pass to a month of movies (and a club patch), or you can email us at to get a season pass to all 13 summer movies. 

              A VHS zine in three chapters

TODAY we begin to craft our next hypothesis in the sprawling HYPERREAL experiment. We position this WORK as both a political and artistic statement, a NEW narrative method that is critically examined and collectively driven.

As the multi-voiced author of this emergent piece, you and I will EXCAVATE the weird and the meaningful, NAVIGATE the fraught corridors of creation and manipulation, and COLLABORATE to re-write the way a story is BIRTHED.

Submit .mov or .mp4 file, max 500 mb to

Art by: Jaime Zuverza


"The K├╝bler-Ross Annihilation" is the first collaborative VHS zine produced by Hyperreal Film Club. Spanning an hour, we compiled short films based on the theme of reaction to the current political climate.

Art by: Melissa Cha

Art by: Melissa Cha


An experiment in open source, collaborative, emergent experience, KNOWN | UNKNOWN is a wildly eclectic three days of art and conversation. This first edition of K | U is also an experiment in simultaneously generating a massive explosion and building a bottle big enough to catch it; the idea was formed on March 4 and the experience begins on March 14.

Can a three-day festival be built in 10 days? We want to find out, and we want you to join us.

Art by: Jenni Kaye

Art by: Jenni Kaye


We sell zines! At all of our film screenings we will be posted up selling handmade zines. Email if you have a zine you would like to stock with us!