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Dog Days! ~~ Ice Cream Lyman's TV Drive-in Finale!

  • Museum of Human Achievement Austin, TX USA (map)

hyperreal film club & MoHA present:
Ice Cream Lyman's
Ep. 3 of 3:
Dog Days!
7:30 - doors open - come park your car (or bike! or lawn chair!) and get a good spot! awww yeah it's that type of drive-in
8:00 – a photo booth for your DOG! Yeah bring ‘em! We’ll give your dog that star turn they’ve been waiting for :)
9:00 - a collection of the very best dog-themed TV episodes that ever did grace the small screen
Sponsored by the absolutely essential Super Secret Records and Austin Cultural Exchange
(or $5 at ticket link to reserve a prime-time car spot!)


ice cream lyman! he's the guy
that puts TV up in the sky
sends sounds to your radio
is he magic? we don't know!

from a pastel wonderland,
here to guide you by the hand
through a nightful of high-fivin' -
welcome to the TV drive-in :)


we’re deep in those long long dog days, fan blades spinnin listlessly on the ceiling, shadows stretching in the sweaty evening, cold glass pressed to your forehead, sticky heavy air setting down on you like an electric blanket… so let's have a drive-in! roll up in your car or on your bike or on your own two feet, grab a spot in the parking lot, turn on your radio (we'll have some to hand out if you're not in a car), and off we go.

for the summer’s grand finale, we’ve got a free photo booth especially for you and your lil canine familiar. if you’ve got a dog, bring ‘em! if you ain’t got a dog, come watch the fun! we’ll have ice cream from Yoyo the ice cream man, as always, and plenty of hijinks just waiting to get rolled out into the realm of experience by YOU fair and lovely friends.

get at us with questions here in the comments and we'll pool our knowledge. can't wait to see ya! bring a friend! bring a dog! bring another friend! let’s do this last drive-in up real nice!