The Kübler-Ross Annihilation: Hyperreal Video Zine Issue I 


Featuring shorts from filmmakers local and afar on the topic of REACTION to the current political climate. 

Featuring work by:
Travis Cody Johnson
AstralVisions (Devin Royer)
Morgan Shelburne
Fall Hard Films
Faiza Kracheni
Raphael Umscheid
John Marshall Fox
Andrea Zarate
Stephanie Davison
Joshua N. Morrison
Amelia Jamison
Max Juren
Lee Moore
Kyle Kirshbom
David McMichael
Jacob Michael Peter Welch
Randall Taylor
Melissa Cha
Jason Ikpatt
Jenni Kaye

To purchase the physical VHS copy, dubbed onto used VHS tapes, email $5 (+ shipping).